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For seal clubbing low tier germans. Nobody but the most suicidal of Japs fly bootlegged rockets with highly explosive acid for fuel. Random jets that can't find matches in Tier V will pop up from time to time, if dating roles bombers are now cannonfodder. Was once a very famous overpowered farming machine that got nerfed hard.

Main reason is that franchises change hands, studios change publishers, developers change of studios, and you will get dropped if you do this type of stuff. You basically have to work grind to get the thing you want. Never be afraid to mislabel a product. Oh wait I got a conspiracy theory too, do you get paid for this by someone? In case you get bored with having too many terminators in your lineup and you wanna feel weak and useless like the other nations.

Not knowing much of the Boeing L Flying-Dildo probably means that it is the least powerful plane ever conceived and the engineers whom made it are complete retards, right? Its side armor is very thin, so every round that goes there will make you go boom. We improve not only the tank but we are also engaged in research.

Samsung is particularly inept at this sort of thing and always come off looking very silly. This is really fairly typical. There's lots of hiding behind rocks and blind-firing at chokepoints, until everyone gets a plane to one-shot several boats in succession. Incredible murder-machine with strong frontal armor. You can easily roll over in this game.

War thunder stupid matchmaking

Planes are mostly harmless. Some planes have different battle ratings in cold blood. Comes with a cannon on the backside to piss off noobs and biplanes. Huge part of them are made by people who are paid for positive or negative spam. The question is, can this happen to other competing projects, such as Armored Warfare?

Similarities and Differences

Thank you for writing this article. This thing will completely wipe the floor with everything, it has no weaknesses. It is also rumored that they have a built in aim assist just so they can kill anything at all. Has the potential to basically murder everything, europe online free but its flight and damage model are so terrible that it always ends up dead instantly.

Let's not forget the lackluster speed. Now look at the Battle Rating of the He. Comparison of graphics and sound Each element in the War Thunder maps meets the requirements of reality. This plane is one of the rarest and most broken vehicles of the entire game.

For the Record

One shots your heavy tank like it's made out of paper. Indeed, only one aircraft with tar earlier, and gentlemen, so the same name militarycupid best. Most people haven't even noticed the change. Ggoddkkiller, Someone still have faith in this game?

The battle rating for this plane is lower than for its original counterpart. You can't buy this thing anymore, thank god. The developers, like all good Russians, have such heavy bias in the game - the other nations may as well not even exist.

Battle Rating Calculation

Can cause quite a massacre in close combat. Tier I - A mishmash of slightly bigger boats and extremely deadly planes. Cruisers and destroyers are currently the highest tier ships and pretty much kill everything. Still a better love story than Twilight. It is fast as fuck and looks great.

In theory it has a super-lethal accurate gunner turret on the top side that fires in all horizontal directions and and four cannons that should rip any plane in half. Like any rational thinker, you probably have - and more than once you faggot. Outside of the aforementioned there is not much else to purchase, but give it some time and we will be required to pay Jewgolds to wipe our ass and pay for ammunition. Most people don't even own a jet or can afford one.

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Gaijin really seems to love fucking with the minds of its players. The unlock option is hidden behind hundreds of layers of menu bars. If you see someone flying this thing, you might aswell press the eject button beforehand. It is not a catch-all flair for jokes and satire. An American single engine bomber with cannons and weird wings.

Battle ratings

  • Only gets kills when the enemy tanks are too distracted to shoot it at first sight.
  • As for the mixed cards, it looks much more fun.
  • Planes and tanks are either napkin delusions by Frenchmen drowning their sorrows in their local bar or copypasted from nations that actually fought in the war.
  • Tanks are taken out generally from one-two hits, as it should be.

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War Thunder Tanks Matchmaking

Locations for setup in total. Don't bother fucking with them. In this case, you will only be able to get into battles on locations that are specifically selected for vehicles of the first rank. The developers set themselves the task to surpass the previous game in everything and it looks like they did a great job. Has a small bomb loadout and a tiny front mg for hunting biplanes.

It's the favorite tactic for taking you out in any tank battle. This is a real breakthrough in the direction of realism. Your best friend in this situation is the eject button. Tired of playing with Polarks?

Has reinforced frontal armour to bounce shots, so that you piss off any German tanks that actually get a hit on you. In order to actually gain access to them all, Gaijin expects you to pay cash for unlock packs or wait a few thousand years until they actually make the tanks available to the public. In World of Tanks, the graphics are a bit outdated.

The creators paid great attention to every detail. On the other hand, some ships are so grossly overpowered, that it is more fun to sink every dinghy on the screen, than taking a plane into the air. Absolute pain in the ass to play.

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Wikia is used in war thunder - posted in fact, war thunder. This is probably done to unfair matchmaking works by war thunder. However, the gameplay of War Thunder teaches us more. Additional matchmaking in-game. Military aviation history war thunder matchmaking malarky.

Combine this plane with an I if you're that lucky to own one to easily farm noobs in every single game. It will one-shot every single tank whereever it goes. Even in the cockpit it clearly says on the right that it could reach much higher speeds without ripping itself apart. Not to be confused with the Tier I crap. Unfortunately nobody uses it correctly.

  1. While there are or used to be?
  2. Piss-poor guns but stays alive as long as it doesn't face any Russian planes or Hurricanes.
  3. The ship combat itself rides a line between comfy, weird and fucking stupid at times.
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Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. Overall very useful as long as nobody flanks it. Has no back gunner and eventhough it historically should be the best armored ground attack plane of the era, ethical dating website goes down as fast as a biplane. Trying to unlock this thing is like shoving a glass bottle up your ass.

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